a department of

the galactic university

on this world

we do not have a single offer
since all these individual
individual states

not only the existence
of all others exclude

but the end of all guaranteed

all of these
are like a suicide assassin

only for the prevention of all fulfillment
so only to their vanity so the end
of all guaranteed to happen

the MIT study

"one world"

from 1973 commissioned by the club of rome
found out half a century ago

that this world will come to an end in 2040
and already in 2020 no more quality of life

so an incinated pandemic
that nobody needs to be interested in at all
since only the vitamin C is missing because of these missing genes
then missing vitamin D > because all these dodos always behind
glass that shield uvb rays
or even sun cream!

that being why their biology does not work either

why do we have white skin here in these higher latitudes ?
so this accusation of racism is also pure stupidity

just like these peasants idiot ukrainians
who can not even realize human rights !
do not even keep contracts > promises

so just being resistance
before calling out to all higher ones
who just like you do not need humans
only this harm prosperity
who ruins everything

just like these all thousand millions
who just braging and splurgeing around

> we can die out <
we are so stupid !

and then they wonder
how these disgusted ones behave
as if a mosquito disturbed them endlessly
so just redeem humanity

they must be too stupid
to ever these comprehending

so your stupidity
to recognize at all
for that they are a lot
too conceited

on their vanity
can lose their world
every conscious human

who did not want to stand well at all
all this harm

United Satan

being the source of all this evil
fully supported by satanic eve
with heir satan contract

> I satanic eve will destroy creation
so satan and all satanics will not have
to feel their insuperiority <

the power grabbers

so the envious

will never want to live a dignified life
but only failed rights

because then they do not
have to feel their envy
of all success

that is why they do not guarantee human rights
but the destruction of all homo sapiens
so guarantee a power seizure

where it is all about vanity
only to harm

because they don't want real success
but only success over real success

therefore there is a climate tipping
all these contaminations
all these problems
every war

created by all these problems
that only create problems
no solutions

since they are deaf
silent and blind
with envy

the power seizure


only the real

homo sapiens

with infinite wisdom

can save a world
can repair any world
can make a paradice

for as long as their sun
allowing this

to happen

the galactic foundation

the argumentocracracy

the galactic university

the sapiens foundation

the basis law institute


galactic central information